Left my heart at the bottom of an empty margarita glass

We’ll just accept that somewhere along the way I became terrible at maintaining a blog, ok? That way I can spare you the excuses and spare myself the guilt of feeling like a slacker.

Now, that we’ve gotten that cleared up, I’ll make it up to you with talk about Texas.

Avocados, will they ever stop proving their awesomeness?

Avocados, will they ever stop proving their awesomeness?

Yes, Texas. Or really to be exact, Austin (since everyone’s been quick to point out that they’re two very different things). I went there last week and it was awesome. Really great food and drinks, sunshine for days, warm, friendly people and just all around goodness in every direction.

I didn’t eat or drink a single thing I didn’t love but my favorite was definitely the avocado margarita at Curra’s Grill. That’s right, let that soak in: avo-freakin’-cado margarita.

After a day spent floating down Austin’s Comal River, baking under the relentless Texas sun, a thick, cold creamy avocado was basically a pat on the back from God himself. “Good job, kid,  you’re livin’ this life right.”

Best tasting nachos ever... and total lookers too!

Best tasting nachos ever… and total lookers too!

And because I’m also a firm believer that you can never have too much of a good thing, I also had some of the best nachos of my life when I ordered the house special with pulled pork in mole sauce. Not only were they gorgeous (Just look at those colors, that composition! Perfection!) they were absolutely delicious. Each big, crunchy corn tortilla chip was loaded up with sweet pulled pork in a smoky, rich mole sauce, creamy black refried beans, tangy, juicy pickled beets and a sprinkle of crumbly queso fresco, all around some of the sweetest, softest fried plantains and insanely hot, roasted green peppers.

I mean, it doesn’t get better than all of that. Add a couple of friends to the mix, a bit of shade from the sun, and you’re looking at a pretty perfect afternoon. Austin, consider me a fan.

What can I say, I love yogurt

There are certain things I’m just an unabashed sucker for: British accents, period dramas, old man sweaters, and randomly, yogurt.

Tired of strawberry and banana yogurt? How bout beet?

Tired of strawberry and banana yogurt? How bout beet?

I freakin’ love the stuff. I’ve told you this before. I can, and often do, eat yogurt every day, but usually it’s the same thing: plain greek yogurt with honey or agave. Last week, however, I heard about something new: savory yogurt, as in veggie flavored instead of fruit.

Blue Hill, as in the fine dining restaurant and upstate farm, just rolled out flour flavors of savory yogurt: carrot, tomato, butternut squash and beet, all available at Whole Foods. My first choice was butternut squash (because really, it’s like pumpkin’s cousin and pumpkin anything is always my fave) but it was the one flavor I couldn’t find. Tomato yogurt just didn’t seem like something I’d be into so I went with carrot and beet instead.

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Looks like it could be mango yogurt, but nope, it’s carrot

Neither was my new favorite but both were interesting, and not at all bad for being vegetable flavored. The beet yogurt was subtly sweet, basically like beets themselves, but still tangy and just a bit tart, the way I like my yogurt to be.  The carrot was just a tiny bit less sweet but still not entirely savory.

I don’t know that I could make these yogurts part of my breakfast routine but they’d probably be good to cook with. Maybe in a soup or as a base for a salad dressing? Who knows, there could be a whole new avenue to explore my love of yogurt.

Sweet and dandy and damn good

The Sweet & Dandy

I’m not all late-night cookie runs, pizza binge fests and mountains of pork belly. Sometimes, believer it or not, the things I obsess over are actually… healthy! Gasp! Yes, I know! Insanity.

My latest food crush, for example, is neither chocolatey nor from any part of a pig, it’s totally vegan and made fresh the day I buy it, and get this, it’s ridiculously delicious. I’m craving some just thinking about it. I’m talking about the beautifully colored, bursting-with-flavor, oh-so-freakin’-good “Sweet and Dandy” at Melvin’s Juice Box.

You can get lots of healthy, fresh, fruit and veggie juices at this colorful little Greenwich Village juice bar attached to Miss Lily’s, but ever since I tried the Sweet and Dandy, I just can’t bring myself to buying anything else. A rich, deep fuchsia color, it’s a perfect blend of beets, carrots, apples, pineapple and ginger. They all come together to make a vibrant, sweet drink with a subtle ginger spiciness that’s so good I swear I could down a gallon of it in one sitting.

At about $8 a juice, it is a bit on the expensive side but when I think about how good it tastes and how healthy and natural it is, and how I won’t have to spend 3 hours burning it off at the gym like I would if it were a chocolate shake, I don’t mind spending the money. (Milkshakes, I still got love for you, though.)