Still Peeping

Some bunny loves me...

Friday night as I unwrapped the foil from the last Cadbury creme egg I had left and bit into the chocolate shell, I thought, “Well, this is it. Till next year, dear Cadbury egg. It’s been fun.”

Flash forward to Monday afternoon. I’m trudging through this most dreary of all work days when I get a package from my sister. I recognize her goofy bubble writing and neon green ink from one of those gel pens that were all the rage in high school.

I open it, not knowing what to expect. As I peek in the box, I realize Easter is not done with me yet. Inside are not one or two or even three, but rather FIVE boxes of Peeps and two boxes of Cadbury eggs for a total of EIGHT eggs.

As I transfer what looks like the entire contents of Publix’s Easter clearance shelf into my bag, I think, “This is ridiculous.”

But thank God for family understanding our ridiculous ways.


In Peeps news

Just when I thought Peeps couldn’t get any better…BAM! They cover them in chocolate! My favorite Peeps will always be the original classics (chick-shaped and yellow) but these come in a close second. Covering something in chocolate is always a good idea, if you ask me.

A new spin on an old favorite.
Chocolate on the outside, yellow marshmallow Peeps goodness on the inside

In related news, I reeeeally want THIS.

Spring forward, fat behind

Spring is in the air! But it’s not flowers in bloom or warmer days that are hinting at the coming season. Something much better gave it away: fully stocked shelves of chocolate bunnies, speckled jellybeans, Peeps (including the original ones) and all sorts of other pastel-colored Easter candy on sale now.

Peeps galore

But most exciting of all is the arrival of my absolute favorite seasonal holiday candy of all time: Cadbury creme eggs. I’ve been eating these gooey cream filled chocolate eggs every year for as long as I can remember.

Tasty tradition

While some people outgrow these things, Cadbury eggs are part of my life just the way spring is part of the year. While some wait hungrily for spring and warm weather, flowers and longer days, I wait just the same way for those cream filled eggs. Thankfully, this year’s wait is over.

I need the kind of creature that lays these eggs.

Love is a sugar-coated marshmallow

C'mon, how you could you NOT love these?

Some people hate them, some people don’t, but me? I LOVE Peeps. Fluffy, adorable little marshmallows, what’s not to love?

I actually remember when they only sold them around Easter and only in the little chick form, hence the name Peeps. But now that they sell them in every shape, color and for every holiday, I’ve embraced them just the same.

I’d never seen these particular Peeps before and since the theme for this weekend was sugary indulgence, I bought them. Valentine’s Day is about love, and I love Peeps.