New attempts in the new year

When it comes to new year’s resolutions, I don’t like making big, sweeping declarations of intent. I’m going to lose weight! (Lame.) I’m going to be happy! (Shut up.) I’m going to cut out sugar. (BYE.)

Instead, I like to start small and set realistic expectations and achievable goals. Doing yoga once a week was my resolution for 2015, for example. Not every single day. Not post about it on Instagram every day either. Just go once a week. That kinda thing. And you know what? That kinda thing works for me. I’ve done yoga at least once every week for the past two years.


Would you believe I made this?

So this year, ladies and gents, my new year’s resolution is to make a home cooked meal at least once a week. I know, I know. “What?! You don’t already cook at home? Who are you?”

It’s terrible, I know. Trust me, I do. But between working weird hours, not being a great cook, and having the awesomeness that is Seamless at my disposal, I rarely make a proper meal at home. I might steam some Brussels sprouts or heat up a can of beans but rarely do I make dinner from scratch.

So in this here 2017, I’m gonna try and change that. Once a week I’ll give it the ol’ college try and make something that involves using multiple pots and pans, different ingredients and every last cooking skill I can dig up from my limited arsenal.

Back in November for Thanksgiving, and then again in December for our annual holiday party, I made a pretty phenomenal, albeit very simple, baked brie by wrapping a wheel of brie in Pillsbury crescent rolls dough smeared thick with raspberry preserves. I brushed egg yolks on the outside and served the golden, molten cheesey beauty with crisp, green apple slices. It was delicious, gorgeous and a big hit with my friends, so I’m hopeful I can make that kind of magic happen more often. Once a week to be exact.

We’ll see how this goes. Let’s hope for lots of deliciousness in 2017!

Breakfast: It’s what’s for dinner

It's always a good time for breakfast!

My mornings are pretty rushed. Between going to the gym, getting dressed, running back home to drop off sweaty clothes and smelly shoes, and grabbing last minute things to take to work, I don’t usually have time for a proper breakfast. Most days I gulp down some green tea and eat something simple and fast—instant oatmeal, instant grits, anything instant basically.

But I love breakfast and I hate that it’s become the casualty of my frenzied mornings. Eggs, bacon, pancakes, biscuits, hashbrowns, waffles, all of it. I love it but just don’t have the time for it most days.

So this week, we found a solution to that: we had it for dinner. Eggs, hashbrowns, and mini crescent rolls (the Pillsbury kind that come in the tube you have to peel open until it pops and makes me jump every time). Next time we’ll honor the sweets like waffles, pancakes and toast with cream cheese and jelly (one of my favorite combos).

If there’s one thing I’ve learned in this crackpot city it’s that you can’t say you’re too busy for the things you enjoy. If you really love something, you make time for it, and for breakfast, that time is dinnertime.